Finding Home

It’s been a year now of marriage.  Yay!  We are thankful for our time in the States, especially seeing many of you, but our first year was filled with a sense of not having a place, a role, a purpose.  Of course, our purpose is to glorify God, but we were ready to really get to work in our place of ministry and a place that was becoming a home for us!  So here we are, back in Kenya, making a home here, and back to work.  And we thank God because it feels very good 🙂  God has opened up opportunities that we are incredibly thankful for and is giving us hearts for evangelism and for prayer that we hope only increase and bear fruit.  Last night we were reading a devotional by Richard Foster.  And we were struck by this: “Each day as you are able, perhaps once at midday and once at night, ask yourself “Where did I see God?” or “Where did I meet God?”  My response?  We bought a bike for me a couple of days ago, and I was able to go on the loveliest ride yesterday evening.  The joy I feel while riding, points me straight to God and the joy that is found in His presence.  Ben and I started talking and praying that we desire God to give us eyes to see Him throughout our day and to really look.  So we want to share with you some of the ways we have seen God here in Kenya!


Our Living Room

Above is a glimpse into our apartment.  I cannot tell you how PERFECT our apartment has been for us.  It’s been so much fun setting it up with all the gifts many of you gave towards our wedding!  And it’s on the third story, so there is plenty of breeze to help us persevere during the hot season here.  When these were being built, we were told that only one was available only because someone had just backed out last minute!  So we snatched it up as soon as possible!  So God provided exceedingly more than we imagined!  *Please Pray for safety at our apartment, as there are many thieves in the town where we live. 


Mwandege Teacher Training Workshop

Ben just traveled to Tanzania with our teammate Victor to do a Teacher Training Workshop for their most recent BTCP graduates.  It went very well!  These men are incredibly faithful, and they will be teaching two different classes in the Dar and Mwandege area very soon.  We are very proud of them and the passion God has given them for His Word and to train others. *Please pray for these men as they begin new classes and for the faithfulness of the students they will teach.


Msambweni BTC Class

On Saturday, Ben, James, Victor, and Gideon (Serve teammates) were able to begin a much prayed for BTC class in Msambweni, a town about 30 minutes from us.  They will be teaching about ten students who are all working for a ministry that serves a leper colony in the area.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to train these students who are so faithfully serving.  And Ben loves to teach the Word, so I’m excited for him to have more time to teach.  *Please pray for the Serve team, for them to depend on God in their teaching and for the students to be transformed by the Word.


Christian Religious Education (CRE) Class with their Valentine’s Day treats!


English Class

And the Lord brought an amazing opportunity my way… I just started teaching at an all girls secondary school (high school)!  I am currently teaching English (Grammar & Literature) to Form 1 (Freshman) and Christian Religious Education to Form 2 (Sophomores).  I told Ben I think I finally found my nitch: teaching high schoolers and riding bikes 😉  The school is primarily Muslim, so as you can see, my CRE class is very small which means I can really get to know my students and get to have great discussion with them!  It’s been a HUGE answer to prayer… We’ve been praying for God to show me where He wants me to spend my time, and the school has been one of the doors He’s opened.  *Please pray for me as I adjust to teaching high schoolers in a different country and for opportunities for the Gospel.

Sadly I don’t have a picture to share with you of the last and probably best way that we have seen God.  But I can tell you the story.  Ben went running the other day.  And a youth named Michael asked to run with him.  Well, that was a perfect opportunity for the Gospel to be shared.  And YES, the Lord softened His heart towards the Gospel, and he is now a believer in Jesus!  We are so excited for Michael.  He’s been spending some time with Ben ever since and attending church with us as well.  *Please pray that the Gospel will bear fruit in Michael’s life and that he will continue to walk in faith.

We hope that you will ask yourselves where you are seeing God throughout your day as well.  Sometimes I even see Him in a beautiful tree here called a Flamboyant :).  We love you all and are incredibly thankful for you.  It’s a joy to be back, but we do miss you.  Please keep praying with us, and let us know how you are and how we can pray for you too!

Much love from the Warrens!


Family Season

One of the greatest privileges of being on home service assignment is to be able to see our families. This is an important season for us as a newly married couple for us to get to know each other’s families. As we were considering returning to Kenya either in November or January after Denton Bible’s Missions Conference, our boss Mike Scheer suggested to us, “Why don’t you throw your family a bone and stay for Christmas?” Abbie has never missed a Christmas at home and I’ve been able to come back regularly for the holidays while I have been in Kenya. But when we get back to Kenya next year, we won’t be able to come back so frequently. Perhaps if we have a visit strike, our family members might jump on a plane themselves, haha!
The beginning of July officially closed out “Birthday Season” for our family. March & April only had one birthday each….but then May had three, and June held four birthdays. Parties, gifts, travels, meatball yummies & mac ‘n’ cheese, a Louisiana Fish Fry, and oh so many sweets and treats. July is going to be more of a healthy eating and exercise sort of month….well after the 4th I suppose ;).
We are truly grateful for this season to spend quality and unrushed time with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, parents, and grandparents.
Here are a few pictures of our time:
All the Warren Girls: Mabel, Bethany, Abbie, & Cathy


Laurence Warren excited to get his birthday present of a new office chair!

We made a surprise visit to Ruston, LA on Jim Mitchell’s birthday and had dinner with Jim, Kathleen, and Net the Grandma.

Celebrating with a Fish Fry in Argyle for Ben’s 33rd birthday with homemade Ruston Peach Ice Cream

Michael & Meg Sanks with Baby Norah

Caden, Emily, and Grace at the Peach Festival in Ruston

Abbie’s Cousin John and his famous “Flyin’ Lion”!
Abbie got to get in the game!